College-Patenschaften in Uganda

Sabine besucht Studentin Babra an der Kabale University


Babra hat ihr Diplom bestanden und macht
jetzt ihren Bachelor of Business Administration

Janice studiert Business Administration and
Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBA) is a programme designed to train and equip students with the skills that suit the needs of the changing business environment. The courses offered in the programme aim at equipping students with leadership and management skills to enable its graduates to competently manage modern business enterprises with better prospects. The management of modern enterprises requires specialized competences to be more effective, efficient and competitive. The BBA programme provides opportunity for students to select from four specialized areas namely; Banking, Marketing Management, Accounting and Human Resource Management.
NOTE: This course is also offered at Diploma level.

Tom studiert Procurement and Logistics Management

Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management (BPLM)
The Bachelor’s degree in Procurement & Logistics Management (BPLM) prepares students to oversee the creation and implementation of certain kinds of procurement and supply chains, as well as scrutiny of their efficiency. The programme primarily is concerned with purchases of services or merchandise that are required for a business to make and sell its own commodities. Most course units cover both national and international issues, as well as those dealing with federal and corporate transactions.
NOTE: The course is also offered at Diploma level.